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    MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA - In Processing

    Soldiers reporting to MCAGCC Twentynine Palms must check in at IPAC (Installation Personnel Administration Center), Bldg 1450; 760-830-1818.

    C&E students and Permenent Personnel are required to report to Customer Service Center bldg 1865; 760-830-5992.

    All Naval personnel assigned to Fleet Marine Force (FMF) units (with orders to Detachment, 1st Marine Division), will report to NAVPERS Office bldg 1525; 760-830-5707. Navy personnel assigned to the Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms (NHTP) will report to bldg 1145, the Naval Hospital; 760-830-2190.

    All personnel are required to check in at the Installation Personnel Administration Center located in Buildings 1450 and 1459 on 4th street within 24 hours of receiving their reporting endorsement. After checking, the IPAC office will verify information in your service records and process any travel claims. Bring all medical and dental records to begin in-processing and enough uniforms for several days. For more information about specific in-processing procedures, call the Installation Personnel Administration Center at 760-830-1818.