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    MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA - Educational Services

    School Liaison Office
    Phone: 760-830-1574

    The United States Marine Corps School Liaison Program is one element of a recent USMC initiative to dramatically increase support to families through Marine Corps Family Team Building programs. Working in concert with the Family Readiness Officers and the Exceptional Family Member programs, School Liaisons create connectivity between parents, schools and the Marine Corps.

    Our mission is to provide parents, students, and educators with timely and relevant information that will enhance learning and promote academic success. Working with school sites, community partners, civic organizations, and all branches of the military, School Liaisons help ease the many unique challenges that face military students throughout their academic careers.

    School Liaisons provide a thread of continuity between different Marine Corps duty stations. If you're expecting orders, the School Liaison at your next assignment can provide information on local schools and area services. For more information about the School Liaison program, contact us at (760) 830.1574.